The Song of the Human Heart

Shireen Qudosi
5 min readMar 28, 2022
Above: “I came from cultures of casual oppression. I used my experience to build a platform that scrutinizes radicalization: the narrow idea that there is only one way to be and belong in the world.”

“ The Song of the Human Heart is an invitation to the greatest exodus humanity has ever known. It is a constellation mapping the way back home to human belonging.” — Shireen Qudosi

The Song of the Human Heart is about a return to belonging and remembering the intimacy of what it means to be human. My book 20 years in the making, The Song of the Human Heart is a crafted storytelling that turns decades of lived experience into a constellation mapping the way back home to human belonging.

Human belonging is grounded in faith (the opus of a Great Intelligence), in identity (an expression of the symphony of the human soul), and in intimacy (the practice of heart-led knowing). The way back to authentic human belonging is through compassion (a recognition of love as the highest form of intelligence). Belonging is the salve for separation; it is humanity’s homecoming. Belonging is the godhead of faith and the signature of identity.

The Song of the Human Heart casts light on the architect of control: The Distortion. The Distortion keeps us from true belonging. The Distortion embeds infinitely self-propelling programs of control within belief systems. The Distortion has humanity imprisoned through a subversion of faith and identity. The Distortion is an entity that lives in the rot of separation. It has survived unseen for thousands of years by taking everything we orient toward as humans — beauty, truth, balance — and inverting it. The Song of the Human Heart works through the layers of self-destructive paradigms and belief systems, parasites that we have accepted as our own with religion and culture as the carrier. The story of our identity under Distortion gridlocks humanity into nesting dolls, each separating the wholeness, or holi-ness, of our being into finite expressions of enslavement that can never represent the symphony of the human soul. We can never be free as a human race until we unmask the Distortion, which has for the vast majority of people across time hid openly in a type of perception filter. The Distortion is more sinister than evil, a master puppeteer at the apex of the cult of control.

For humanity to truly be free, we have to recognize the web of Distortion and once again remember the song of the human heart — the drum beat that connects all life. We cannot “fight” the Distortion because…

Shireen Qudosi

I write on faith, identity, and belonging, focusing closely on the sacred feminine and cultivating intimacy with the profane.